Guangzhou City Qidi Cosmetics Co., Ltd. is a technological innovation company focusing on make-up, integrating product development, design,production, packaging support, sales, and service. The company undertakes OEM/ODM business and creates high-quality product lines for customers in one stop.
At present, it has developed more than 5000 kinds of makeup formula products including lipstick, eyeshadow, liquid foundation, face primer, and so on. One of the most popular is the Top sale – liquid foundation, which is light and thin in texture, easy to apply, and less greasy, It is suitable for most skins. easily creates a perfect base makeup.
Our business philosophy: to provide customers with the best service. Customer satisfaction and success is our goal. Look forward to and welcome you to visit our factory.


Our company is located in Guangzhou Baiyun China. Guangzhou is suitable for R&D, design, and large-scale OEM/ODM enterprises. It is now a concentration of mid- to high-end cosmetics, and Baiyun District is striving to build a “Baiyun Meiye Bay Area” with a scale of 100 billion. As can be seen, the development trend of makeup in China still has a huge space.
When the young ladies and sisters put on masks, the “lipstick effect” disappeared? it’s not true. Regardless of e-commerce platform sales or sales data, the makeup industry is in an explosive but fiercely competitive state




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